Lisa & I styled for a holiday cocktail party

Nothing seems more urgent than a pregnant woman’s daily search for something to wear each day as her waistline grows larger every moment. In my case, when I was expecting my twin boys, I looked and felt much more pregnant than the normal momma-to-be’s.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with my friend Lisa on her maternity wardrobe & closet. At about 6 months pregnant with her first baby, Lisa was challenged to find corporate -appropriate maternity clothing. Our first order of business was to create a staged “maternity” closet; placing garments from left to right, organizing by size and color. We removed a few bags of unwanted items while we were at it, and turned a small closet & dressing area into a tidy, organized oasis! We styled outfits from normal clothes that Lisa could mix in with her maternity garments, extending her closet and maximizing her investment. 

My tips on looking posh while Prego: mix and match inexpensive items with your nicer pieces. Have comfy shirts in knit jersey & micro fiber that you can easily dress up with great accessories: necklaces, scarves. Maternity jeans in dark rinse are a must. A lovely pair of black trousers with a thick stretchy panel took me almost all the way through my pregnancy. 

Stay true to your style: there is no reason to stop dressing cute just because you are a little bigger around the middle. Belts are a definite must.When in doubt, try belting it – above your belly, obvi; this pulls in the extra volume, and shows off your extra curves!

Tune in next week for part 2, where we will feature a few local moms whose business it is to get you looking and feeling like a Haute Momma!

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