Art Linkletter with mini humorists tickled our funny bones.

Who doesn’t love a good chuckle via a rib-tickling movie, a sidesplitting book, or an afternoon with a friend with an amusing and active sense of humor?

And you’ve read by now that the health benefits of laughter and humor are significant and numerous. It can relieve stress and may help protect us against heart attacks.

Laughter reduces pain, increases job performance, connects people emotionally, and improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain. Quite the panacea!

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. So have you laughed today?

Sarah Fielding of Oak Park is an entrepreneur and mother, and she’s delivering laughs to our homes via her riotous website

Sarah’s website is designed to bring laughter into your life and simultaneously capture all the funny and priceless things your children say. Any parent can post comments by their children and anyone can take a peek for a quick titter. Oh, and it’s free.

The site launched this year in January. Sarah conceived of the idea and with the help of her father, who designed the website, has been recruiting moms and dads to partake in the sharing and preserving of all the lovely and humorous things children say.

Sarah explains, “The site is all about saving the amazingly touching and hilarious things your kids say, like ‘I don’t want to get married, I just want a car!’

As a mom I know that you forget these things when you don’t write them down. The site was born to give parents a free and useful way to archive these memories so they would have them forever. 

When you go to the site and register, you type in what you want to remember, select which child said or did it, and we record it for you in your own memory archive which you can access any time. My hope is that when their kids are older, the moms will share these funny things with their kids and take a trip down memory lane. 

People so far have loved the idea.  We have many passionate users on the site.”

I’ve become a regular visitor to, checking in weekly to read a funny entry or watch a funny video; I’m bemused by what the children have to say, and I’m grateful for a healthy dose of laughter each and every time I visit the website. I’m feeling healthier already!

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