This week’s Style Inspiration hails from Oak Park and is a student at Pratt University in New York. She has a sassy sense of style, unfettered and fun.

Taylor is wearing a pair of kickers she picked up while visiting family down south in Texas (these, my friends, are the real deal!) and a fun floral frock in a city-hues palette with a blush-colored cardi.

She’s added a find from her mom’s closet, a great vintage belt, and a thrifted crossbody (a score for just $1.50!) completes her look. Meet Taylor Hermes.

Your style: Eclectic

Favorite fashion era: My favorite eras are from the 1920’s to about the 40’s. The 20’s were when women stopped stuffing themselves into unreasonable clothes and impractical garb that they couldn’t do anything in.

They tossed the corsets aside and started wearing loose layers with long accessories. It was a liberating time for women, and the fashions reflected that. I also love the hair and make-up from that era: Finger curls, the dark red lips of the movie stars.

Also, I loved that porcelain skin was shown off, a thing to be desired in a way. Being quite “porcelain”, aka super pale, myself I like to borrow from that era to play up my skin tone. Dark sultry eyes that just pop for example.

Fashion inspirations: Dita Von Teese and Kat Von D both embrace rich dark red lips, and Kat’s bold eyeliner gives me inspiration for my makeup choices. I also admire Clara Bow, the “It Girl” of the 20’s. Her cute bob with those finger curls!!

And of course Katherine Hepburn for wearing trousers and “men’s shirts/ attire.” I tend to get some of my shirts and belts from the men’s section. She broke the stigma that women had to wear dresses and skirts. She just wanted to be comfortable and practical for her lifestyle. I love my skinny jeans and without her who knows how long it would have taken for women to wear pants.

Favorite local boutiques:
I like to shop at thrift stores/ second hand stores. I have found some amazing stuff at Brown Elephant. It is so rewarding to dig and find a little hidden treasure, aka an awesome sweater from the 80’s, on the cheap. It is perfect for a student budget.

Greatest fashion indulgences: I will allow myself to splurge on that one perfect pair of boots once in a
while, you know that one pair that will go with everything, that you can wear to work but also look great when you wear them out at night. I have many pairs of boots….

Fashion advice: My fashion advice would be to wear what you are comfortable in, not necessarily what is in style at the time. If you do not feel comfortable in your clothes it is hard to feel confident about your body and yourself. And always dress for yourself. Don’t be afraid to mix (patterns, styles,
eras, metals, etc.) and try something different. If you like it, go for it.

The one item every woman should own: Ooh a staple item… a great pair of boots, or a bag that is roomy enough to fit almost your whole life into. There is nothing wrong with having a
big bag. People may rag on me for it but when I need a bobby pin, a good book, water, a sweater on a cold summer night, I’ve got it. A big bag allows me to be prepared for anything.

Stop back next week for more Style Inspiration from friend and neighbors. Until then, I’ll see you around town and in the shops!

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