Enjoying summer festivals in the 'burbs

What a great way to see a play – outside in Oak Park’s beautiful Austin Gardens.  Come for a creative, magical day on Sunday August 7th from 4:30 – 9pm.  Oak Park Festival Theatre has planned so many pre-show activities for you and many the children will enjoy, including dancing, stage combat demonstrations and workshops, storytelling, behind the scenes tours, and more.  At 6pm, the curtain rises on thier rave-reviewed performance of Henry V.  For more info and tickets, visit their website at  www.OakParkFestival.com or call 708-445-4440.  View the attached clip, to sample a prior performance in Austin Gardens.

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Maria Murzyn

Maria is no stranger when it comes to finding frugal ways to spend the weekend. She's a cofounder of LocalEventsInYourArea.com, a website dedicated to sniffing out local and inexpensive ways to improve...