The Cook County Sheriff's Office placed an eviction notice in the window of the Pasta Shoppe on March 21.

After almost 10 years in business, the Pasta Shoppe & Café in Oak Park was evicted on Monday. But another restaurant may be on the way to replace it.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office placed the eviction notice in the window of the Pasta Shoppe, 116 N. Oak Park Ave., March 21. Anyone from the restaurant who enters the building without permission of the owner could be prosecuted for trespassing, which could carry up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

An attorney representing the property owner declined to comment on Tuesday. But according to court records, a land trust company called North Star filed to evict the restaurant in January. And a county judge entered an order of possession on Feb. 28, demanding that the Pasta Shoppe pay $44,667 in back rent.

Gabrielle Romanucci — one of the restaurant’s owners, who is named in the eviction lawsuit — did not immediately return a call to his cellphone late Monday.

The village board approved the cancellation of the Pasta Shoppe’s liquor license on March 7. Victor Tufano bought the business from the owners in January, and plans to renovate and reopen it as Vicolo Trattoria in April, according to village records.

It was unclear as of Tuesday whether the eviction would affect the new restaurant’s opening.

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