After reading last week’s front-page article, “Village manger may soon be ‘homeless,'” the staff of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center could not pass up the possibility to offer our services.

If Mr. Barwin would like to find an apartment or house to rent, we would be happy to help him find one in Oak Park through our excellent rental referral service. Since all the best owners in Oak Park participate with our program, we have the village’s best apartments in our listings.

If he is more inclined to buy a home, our HUD-Certified West Cook Homeownership Program staff would be delighted to have him join us at one of our first-time homebuyer workshops. In two hours, he will get great information about finding the perfect home with a responsible mortgage. Sticking with us a bit longer will get him a certificate. However, his income is a little high to qualify for our financial assistance grants.

Either way, rent or buy, the Housing Center is there for him — and everyone one else, for that matter — when he looks for a new home.

Rob Breymaier
Executive director, Oak Park Regional Housing Center

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