You have to feel sorry for the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio Museum Shop, formerly the Ginkgo Tree Bookshop. They got rid of the name, but not the magnificent old Ginkgo tree in the courtyard outside. Beautiful tree, but this time of year it stinks to high heaven.

Ginkgo trees evidently come in two varieties, fruit-bearing and non-fruit-bearing, or, if you prefer, female and male. The berries are highly prized among homeopathists for their reputed ability to improve the brain. But to get to ginkgo biloba, you first have to get past the ginkgo stinkoba.

The ground around the Home & Studio ginkgo is solid with fallen fruit, with hundreds more still clustered on the branches above. Tourists get a snootful when they leave the museum shop. Someone needs to invent a ginkgo berry vacuum.

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