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First reported 8/27/2010 3:00 p.m.

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With a raucous crowd of excited high school girls watching raptly, Trinity High School unveiled two firsts Friday morning: a mascot and a fight song.

“Captain Blazer,” a blue-haired, tube-socked and caped heroine debuted to deafening screams of excitement, sprinting onto the stage of Trinity’s auditorium in full regalia.

Actually, there were five Captain Blazers on stage Friday, backed by members of the white-caped and T-shirted Captain’s Crew, the new name for the school’s corps of student fans.

It was a top-secret project developed over the summer by Trinity’s Executive Council – the high school’s student council.

“They wanted to find something that signified the superhero type of a Trinity student,” said Trinity spokeswoman Patti Williams. “Lightning fast with intense spirit, a tremendous leader, and a trailblazer in all she does.”

After Captain Blazer’s debut, the assembly turned to another first: its first-ever fight song. With lyrics by 2010 alumna Samantha Sanchez, Chicago A Capella founder Jonathan Miller led the students through its first rendition.

Listen to the song’s debut and check out pictures of Captain Blazer in the slideshow below.

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Trinity Fight Song lyrics

T-R-I, T-R-I,
Let’s (uh) fight, (uh) Trinity,
Blazers claim that victory
Show the fire, show the burn
Show the crowd so they can learn
Let’s take charge, (uh) we’re no same,
‘Cuz we’re the hottest part of that flame
Gooooooooo Blazers, Huuuh!

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