An executive summary featuring a pared-down version of comments from parents and staff included in an extensive spring climate survey of District 97 schools has yet to make its way to the District 97 Board of Education.

In that survey, both parents and faculty rated their individual schools high but administration low. The survey included a section where parents and staff could add written comments. After some discussion at its May 12 board meeting where the results were presented, the board agreed to accept an executive summary of the entire survey.

The board also planned to hold a study session to further discuss the results and executive summary, but a date has yet to be set.

Board President Peter Traczyk was unavailable for comment. Supt. Constance Collins said the administration has worked on the summary but the board has not requested it yet. The summary will not include any comments from parents or staff but will have detailed general information about the results, said Collins.

Two board members, Jennifer Reddy and Rance Clouser, wanted the comments to be presented to the board, perhaps with names not included, but other members were comfortable receiving the summary.

Clouser accepted the compromise but insisted his opinion hasn’t changed.

“I think it’s the board’s responsibility and obligation to view those comments,” he said.

The comments, though, were considered confidential by those who included them in the survey, and were made with the understanding that they would not be shared publicly, explained Collins.

But some Dist. 97 parents believe the comments should be made public.

“Dist. 97 took a big step forward in creating a survey that enabled meaningful comments. It’s time now to take the next step forward and make those comments available, not only to the board, but to the public as well,” said Kimberly Werner, via e-mail to Wednesday Journal on Monday. Werner is a member of SEA, Supported Education Association, a parent group of special needs students.


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