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Current research indicates that men over the age of forty, who are physically active, have a lower risk of developing certain cancers decades later. The Centers of Disease Control reported that the most commonly diagnosed cancers among men in the United States include cancers of the prostate, lung, colon, rectum, and bladder; melanomas of the skin; non-Hodgkin lymphoma; kidney cancer, mouth and throat cancer, leukemia, and pancreatic cancer. http://www.cdc.gov/

Maintaining good health and feeling your best is important at any age.

Perhaps just getting off the couch and eating healthier meals could improve your life. Unless you prefer the social experience that comes with joining a gym, there are endless possibilities for exercise. This includes yard work, gardening, and walking; taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and parking your car further away from your destination. Hence, wanting to live healthier lives requires motivation and determination. In terms of eating healthier meals, follow the advice of nutrition experts when it comes to preparing healthier meals. If you choose to dine out, restaurants usually have healthy options on their menus, and the key here is to not ignore them.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”


William Boby, a Cardio-Vascular Perfusionist, and a Licensed Captain with the US Coast Guard, is both physically and socially active. William attributes his good health to dedicating five or six days a week to eating less and eating nutritious foods. He also exercises five to six times a week, and his exercise preferences consists of taking brisk walks, running, biking, weightlifting and calisthenics. William takes one day a week, which is usually on the weekend to get plenty of rest and to satisfy some of his food cravings. Another attribute to his active lifestyle is his career affiliations. William is a member of the Illinois State Perfusion Society; the National Association of Charter Boat Captains, and a member of the National Association of Underwater Instructors.

Positive thinking is good for your emotional health, as well as for your overall health. As we move through the cycles of life, try to greet each challenge with positive thoughts. William Boby’s positive thoughts about life are essential for maintaining his overall health. He believes that it helps if you “appreciate what you have; don’t worry about things that you don’t have, or can’t change; and help others whenever you can… at the very least, family and friends.”

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