The IWS Children’s Clinic’s Behavioral Health and Social Services Program plays a crucial role in expanding access to behavioral healthcare for low-income children. What sets our care apart is the complete integration of medical, dental and behavioral health services.

Our need for private funding arises from the financial realities of operating a healthcare facility for economically disadvantaged children. There is always a gap between the cost of providing medical and dental services to our patients and what we receive from the State of Illinois for these services, resulting in an annual budget deficit exceeding $1 million that we must bridge each year.

It’s alarming that 53% of children in Illinois, aged 3-17, are reported to be dealing with emotional, behavioral, or developmental conditions. These underserved children can greatly benefit from the support of our behavioral health professionals. Early screening and intervention for developmental delays and social-emotional issues have a proven track record of significantly improving long-term outcomes for both children and their families. We conduct these screenings when patients visit both our dental and medical professionals.

Your support can make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. Your donation today can help provide essential services and instill hope in those who depend on us. Join us in making a positive difference — every contribution matters.

OPRF Infant Welfare Society and IWS Children’s Clinic

Join us in nurturing the complete well-being of children and advancing health equity! At the OPRF Infant Welfare Society and IWS Children’s Clinic, we are committed to serving publicly insured/uninsured children and addressing their holistic health needs. Our services encompass sick and well-child visits, dental care, behavioral health support, and various wrap-around programs. Annually, we extend our care to more than 3,400 children from various areas, including Oak Park, Chicago, Berwyn, Cicero, and beyond.

You can make a meaningful difference today by supporting the comprehensive health requirements of children in our community. A donation of $25 enables a mental health screening, $50 covers the cost of two vaccines, and $100 provides a preventive dental cleaning. Your contribution helps us ensure that every child receives the care they deserve. Act now and be a part of this vital mission!

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