In the vibrant tapestry of Oak Park and River Forest, the impact of the Scholarship Foundation is a tale of empowerment and transformation. In 2023, 101 seniors graduating from Oak Park and River Forest High School experienced the tangible effect of $275,650 in scholarships — a testament to the foundation’s commitment to unlocking the doors of education.

Founded in 1924, the foundation transcends being merely a financial support system. It acts as a catalyst for profound change. Scholarships go beyond being granted. They are intentional investments in each student’s promise, recognizing excellence and accomplishments.

The community witnesses the ripple effect of this investment as scholars, armed with knowledge and skills, become agents of positive change. Beyond academic achievements, they embody the values instilled by the foundation, contributing to the community’s fabric and beyond through leadership roles, artistic endeavors, and impactful service projects.

Parents, teachers, and residents take pride in the collective investment, seeing the results in a community enriched by the achievements of its scholars. The impact extends beyond graduation, with alumni returning to contribute to the foundation, perpetuating a cycle of giving and receiving.

Every contribution, every dollar, is a bridge connecting dreams to reality. The foundation’s website,, serves as a portal for those eager to make a lasting impact on deserving students, ensuring the legacy of education and opportunity continues to flourish in Oak Park and River Forest.

Visit to make a lasting impact on deserving students.

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