Our Future Reads has flourished thanks to the support from people in Chicago’s western suburbs. These are people who embody the local spirit of unity and support. Our Future Reads champions literature as a means to empower curious minds, tackling literacy accessibility challenges and touching lives profoundly. 

Linda, confined to a medical respite center, found solace and escape in the pages of an Agatha Christie novel provided by Our Future Reads. “It was as if I traveled to a different world, one where my physical constraints didn’t define me,” she says. Similarly, Daryll, a shelter frequenter, found spiritual support in the books he received. “These books have been my anchor, guiding me through tough times,” he says. 

Our Future Reads has positively impacted over 3,000 individuals and families, with more than 9,000 books donated to those in need. This is a testament to the community’s commitment to ensuring access to literature for all, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

The stories of Linda and Daryll are just two examples of the organization’s significant impact. They highlight the power of books to provide comfort, escape, and spiritual support, fulfilling the mission of Our Future Reads. 

As we continue to support this vital cause, let us fuel the flames of curiosity and ensure everyone has the right to access the vast world contained within books. The future of Our Future Reads, backed by the unwavering support of Chicago’s Western Suburban community, looks bright and promising.

Our Future Reads: Empowering Through Literature

Dedicated to fostering curiosity, Our Future Reads provides access to literature for all across Chicagoland. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves knowledge, the organization has donated over 9,000 books to those in need. Supported by our community, Our Future Reads combats literacy challenges, serving over 3,000 individuals. Join the mission, empower minds, and ensure a brighter future where books ignite sparks of inspiration. 

Donate, volunteer, or partner today. Contact: Info@OurFutureReads.com or (773) 969-9676. Your support can shape a future filled with informed, curious readers!

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