Maywood Fine Arts is the first stop for hundreds of students each year on an artistic journey which can last them a lifetime.  Children who pass through its doors discover a safe space where they can explore their creativity and build their self-confidence. No matter the class — whether it’s dance, tumbling, visual arts, music, drama or karate -MFA provides its students with an affordable ticket to anywhere and everywhere. 

Chloe is a dance student who is thrilled to be adding both tumbling and visual arts class stamps to her MFA Passport. Being able to fully explore her creative world is only possible thanks to MFA’s affordable tuition and scholarships!

Nathaniel was just named the Assistant Musical Conductor of the National Tour for “MJ, The Musical.” He began his MFA art-venture at the age of six but has never forgotten his musical roots and loves coming home so he can jam with his MFA music mentor, Mr. Carter.

Nia recently completed an internship at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Nia began her journey of excellence at MFA where she began dancing and tumbling at age 4 and served as a GOTS Youth Leader all the way through high school.  Who knows how far she can fly thanks to her years at MFA.

MFA students are going places. Help them stamp their passports with new classes, special performances, recitals, and all kinds of “Art-ventures” through your generous giving. 

Every child deserves a ticket to the ARTS!

Maywood Fine Arts

Equity in the arts is the driving force behind Maywood Fine Arts’ programs and people. Access to affordable, high-quality instruction in dance, music, visual arts, drama, tumbling, karate and fitness cannot be taken for granted among families MFA serves from nearby, under-resourced communities such as Maywood, Bellwood, and Chicago’s Austin neighborhood.  MFA, whose facilities anchor downtown Maywood, serves over 950 students each week between the ages of 4 and 18 with the majority being young people of color.  Families count on MFA’s safe, nurturing out-of-school time environment where children learn artistic and social skills and expand their world view.

To donate, visit or send checks payable to Maywood Fine Arts, 25 N 5th Ave, Maywood, IL 60153.

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