In November 2022, Kendall and his father became part of A House In Austin’s Home Visiting program. He was referred to the organization by early intervention services. At the start of the home visit sessions, Kendall was a 3-year-old who could only utter a couple of words, often needing repetition for clarity. Their family seldom ventured outside and, as a result, Kendall had limited social interaction.

During the most recent home visit, A House in Austin’s team encouraged Kendall’s father to engage in child-centered narrative play with him. They’d been providing guidance on this approach for several weeks, aiming to stimulate Kendall’s imagination and language development.

During this playtime, Kendall began forming two- to three-word sentences, demonstrating a newfound ability for self-expression. It didn’t stop there. There was the moment when Kendall astonished everyone by articulating an extraordinary six-word sentence!

A House In Austin, an organization dedicated to supporting families, played a crucial role in this journey. Their commitment to providing resources and guidance for families facing similar challenges has been instrumental. The home visit leader and Kendall’s father couldn’t contain their celebration of this remarkable milestone. High-fives, smiles, and an outpouring of praise were showered upon both Kendall and his father. This reinforced the power of dedication and the incredible progress that can be achieved when working together to support families like Kendall’s.

As the holiday season draws near, please consider helping A House In Austin support families like Kendall’s. You can contribute by texting “AHIA” to 44-321 or visit

A House In Austin 

A House In Austin stands as a dual nurturing hub on Chicago’s west side, empowering parents and children simultaneously, igniting transformation within the community.

Children gather here to explore art, music, play, and learning, laying the foundation for their future. Simultaneously, parents find a supportive space for connection, and personal and parental development. Through our home visiting program, essentials like diapers, clothing, transportation, and emergency aid, ensure families’ basic needs are met.

With partnerships with Early Intervention and Children’s Research Triangle, therapy and mental health support are accessible, completing the circle of care. AHIA radiates warmth, enveloping families in an environment where they can truly thrive, side by side. 

For more information call/text 773.896.3582 or to support our mission please visit

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