Dominique knows how important it is to have a community of support when life is overwhelming. Before she found New Moms, she and her son had slept in cars and foreclosed apartments just to find safety and comfort for a night. 

For the last two years in New Moms’ housing program, Dominique has worked closely with New Moms coaches. “What really impacted me in this program is Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Teneca. They treated me with respect and nurtured me. … When I thought I had no one in my corner, I always had them. I’m forever grateful for them.”

These supportive relationships with her coaches provided mental and emotional slack so she could focus on achieving her goals. Dominique took steps to secure stable housing with Carolyn, New Moms housing locator. Dominique recently signed a lease to a townhome in the neighborhood where she grew up, just 30 minutes away from her grandmother!

Dominique accomplished her next major goal of finding employment. She now works at Potbelly Sandwiches, where she got a raise and was promoted to floor manager. 

Dominique acknowledges that New Moms supported her mentally, physically, and emotionally, providing a sense of security during her journey to build a thriving future. Dominique is excited about having a stable home and enjoying simple pleasures with her son, like hosting sleepovers, playdates, and cooking.

Reflecting on her growth during her time at New Moms, Dominique shares, “I’m stronger than ever and will never let fear control me again. Thank you, New Moms!”

New Moms

For 40 years, New Moms has invested in the beauty and power of being a mother. For moms 24 years or younger, it starts by building confidence in what’s possible. Our comprehensive approach provides housing, paid job training, college success, and family support for those impacted by systemic and structural barriers. Designed to cultivate each person’s inherent abilities, we combine behavioral research, proven methodology, and real-world experience to give young families a path to lasting success and generational change. 

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