Did you know you can travel the world right here in Oak Park? For over 90 years, the Oak Park Conservatory has invited guests to explore the lush showrooms and gardens of our diverse Conservatory collection. From Madagascar to Turkey and South Africa to Japan, visitors can discover plants representing six continents. 

Since 1986, The Friends of the Conservatory has offered docent-guided tours of the Oak Park Conservatory. The tours are tailored to each grade level and focused on science and horticulture, climate, and geography. 

Natural Wonders Await

Over the years thousands of students have learned about the difference in rainfall between tropical, Mediterranean, and desert regions. They have learned about plant defense mechanisms, water retention, and how plants are a food source for a wide array of creatures. Maybe most importantly, they are inspired to explore places beyond where they live and to understand how they can be stewards of the earth.

Nature Education for All

Last fall, we were delighted to welcome 5th graders from a school in Cicero for a tour. We asked the students when they arrived if they had ever been to the Conservatory — not a single hand was raised! This was the first school to use the newly launched Tour Grant program.

We invite you to help expand our efforts to reach residents from surrounding communities with new opportunities and programs. Please help sustain The Friends and the historic Conservatory by supporting us today.

For more information about tours, volunteer opportunities, supporting us financially, or becoming a member, please visit fopcon.org.

Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory

Built in 1929, the Oak Park Conservatory is a Historic Property of the Park District of Oak Park. Free to the public with 50,000 visitors annually, the Conservatory is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Conservatory offers three indoor showrooms featuring more than 3,000 plants and two outdoor gardens including a play area for toddlers. The Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory offers a wide range of programs focused on enriching the visitor experience at the Conservatory. From volunteering to educational and recreational opportunities, tours and classes, there is something for everyone to enjoy year-round.

To learn more or to join, visit fopcon.org.

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