N Rebozo | Photo by Rise Sanders Weir

There is nothing quite like Chef Paco’s enthusiasm for his food and his customers at N Rebozo.

Nowadays he exclaims, “Oh my God,” from a location at 7403 Madison St. in Forest Park.

During the fall and winter months his Chile Nogada is the seasonal star of the menu. The dish is a Poblano pepper filled with a sweet and savory mix of beef, nuts, dried fruit, blanketed with a creamy walnut sauce and topped with pomegranate seeds.

This mixture of flavors goes beyond the kitchen for Paco, “When you taste sweet, sour, spicy, this is the same for the life. Sometimes the life is sweet; sometimes the life is spicy. When you get the balance, that’s my philosophy for the restaurant and for everything. This balance.”

Fiesta Mole is the dish that made Chef Paco a fixture in the local restaurant scene. The platter features six enchiladas with a choice of cheese, chicken, chorizo, guacamole, hibiscus, or grilled steak inside. Each one finished with a different mole. Those six are chosen each week from a total of 40 mole recipes, two of which are the chef’s original creations: Poblano and Pipian.

The mescal margaritas are a blissful match with either of these two featured entrees. The extensive drink menu focuses on fresh and authentic takes on traditional recipes. An Agave Old Fashioned recalls cocktail culture of the past the with a modern Mexican twist. And Micheladas bridge the beer and cocktail divide.

And when you are done with the main course, don’t sleep on dessert.

Chef Paco at N Rebozo | Photo by Rise Sanders Weir

Paco encourages you to try the flan, “People say they don’t like flan. Don’t worry. … I make authentic Mexican flan, creamy. If you try my flan, you’ll love it.”

The elegant space where N Rebozo has landed on Madison Street previously was Heritage restaurant. Chef Paco believes it is the perfect environment for his unique take on Mexican food. The open dining room also allows him to be more present with his customers, whom he loves dearly.

“You love what you eat … everybody happy. Paco happy. This is gives me mas energy.”

Expect nothing less from Chef Paco.

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7403 Madison St., Forest Park


Tuesday through Saturday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Closed Sunday and Monday 

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