The health and well-being of the communities RUSH Oak Park Hospital serves has been at the very core of the hospital’s mission for more than a century. To continue to preserve and foster collaboration, the hospital is launching the RUSH Oak Park Community Engagement Council (CEC). 

Consisting of current residents and/or those who presently work within the RUSH Oak Park service area, the CEC will represent various racial/ethnic, economic and cultural groups responsible for helping RUSH better understand the needs and concerns of the communities it serves. In addition, members of the CEC will act as representatives of RUSH Oak Park in their neighborhoods, schools, places of work, places of worship, and community organizations to help connect their community members with the services provided by the hospital. 

Members of the CEC will have the opportunity to do the following:

Provide input and feedback on issues of interest to the broader community. 

Identify, review and, where appropriate, provide input on priority community health issues in the hospital’s service area. 

Review and provide input to the hospital’s Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP), and community benefit initiatives. 

Advocate on behalf of the hospital in support of the hospital’s community health equity initiatives. 

Strengthen partnerships between residents, organizations, sectors and agencies to collaborate in service of community health improvement.

We encourage you to apply for membership to the RUSH Oak Park CEC and be a voice for your community. Please note, government officials and RUSH employees are not eligible to apply for membership.  

Find out more about eligibility, responsibilities, requirements and benefits of being on the RUSH Oak Park CEC at 

Angela Cooper DNP, RN, CNL
Chief nursing officer &
associate vice president

Patient Care Services, RUSH Oak Park

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