Courtesy of the Village of Oak Park

It’s been just over a year since the large H.J. Mohr & Sons Co. property was sold to Hinsdale-based real estate developer KrohVan, and redevelopment is underway – at least for a portion of it. Construction crews are in the process of turning the smaller part of the two-property parcel, which made up the domain of the Mohr concrete business, into a daycare.

Once built, Kiddie Academy will sit on the Garfield Street property once used to store Mohr concrete trucks. The old truck storage site has since been demolished to make way for the new 13,100 square-foot childcare facility, the foundation of which has already been laid.

Village President Vicki Scaman is happy to welcome Kiddie Academy to the Village of Oak Park, believing it fills an “identified need” for childcare in that particular neighborhood of Oak Park, while being in an opportune spot for commuting parents. The property is just south of the Eisenhower Expressway and near the Oak Park Blue Line CTA station.

“It’s a convenient location for parents who need to use the Eisenhower Expressway for their commute – or hopefully the train,” she said.

While a construction fence is currently encircling the property – bounded by South Maple Avenue, Garfield Street, Wisconsin Avenue and an alley – construction crews are already installing the new building’s above-ground steel infrastructure, according to Oak Park spokesperson Dan Yopchick. Developers secured the final building permit needed for the site earlier this month.

No plans or permit applications have been filed with the Village of Oak Park for the other, much larger half of the former concrete manufacturing company, located corner of Harlem Avenue and Garfield Street. The old Mohr concrete plant still sits on the 3.29-acre plot.

The two properties were purchased together by KrohVan for an undisclosed amount in June 2022, with the plan to build a daycare already in motion. At the time of the sale, Mike Kaspar, KrohVan’s then-head of development, told Wednesday Journal the development company was considering a multi-family residential complex for the larger site. A hotel was also in consideration.

Representatives from KrohVan did not respond to interview requests. Kaspar is no longer with the company.

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