Q: How long have you been the Adult and Teen Services Librarian at the River Forest Public Library?

A: I have been an Adult & Teen Services Librarian at the River Forest Public Library since January 2022. 

Q: Tell me about your role at the library.

A:  There are three main pillars to my role. First, I plan and oversee all the adult programs and events for the library. This includes history lectures, concerts, yoga classes, film screenings, trivia competitions, crafting workshops, theatrical performances, and a variety of other programming aimed at adults and seniors. Second, I manage the adult fiction collection and a few other collections. And third, I provide direct service to patrons at the Adult & Teen Services Desk on the second floor of the library. 

Q: Have there been any surprises that you can share from your time in this role?

A:  I have sometimes been surprised by which programs are the most popular with patrons. We had a huge turnout for a talk by an attorney about wills and estate planning, and I had no idea so many people would show up. It can also be surprising which books are in high demand. Often these books are popularized on TikTok or other social media, and those of us who don’t use TikTok sometimes haven’t even heard of these books until patrons start requesting them.

Q: What have been some of your favorite aspects of the job and why?

A:   My favorite thing about the job is knowing that I am doing my part to help keep the wonderful institution of public libraries alive. Libraries are more valuable now than ever, so I can really feel proud of the work we do here. I also enjoy working with a great group of colleagues who foster a very positive and supportive work environment.

Q: Can you share something you love about working in the River Forest/Oak Park area?

A:  I grew up in Oak Park and my parents are still there, so it’s been fun to return to my old stomping grounds and be able to easily see family. The area has changed a lot since I grew up and there is so much new stuff around, so it’s cool to try out some of these new establishments that have sprung up in my absence.

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