Plastic-Free July is upon us. This is a time to be ever more mindful of caring for our common home in all the ways — often easy ways — we can. So how can we? Practice refusing or reusing plastic, which are always preferable to recycling. Some ideas are:

1. Use your own water bottle and have more than one (we leave ours everywhere!).

2. Refuse plastic take-home containers by bringing your own or asking for tin foil (recyclable when clean). Refuse plastic straws. Support “Green” restaurants and thank them. Tell others to go “Green.”

3. Get renewable sponges and compostable kitchen gloves at Sugar Beet.

4. Buy in bulk so you don’t bring home more plastic containers.

5. Use quick-dissolving laundry sheets instead of liquid laundry detergent.

6. Bring your own bags to the Farmers Market and bring plastic clamshells from store-bought fruits for crushables like blueberries.

7. Get your composting, recycling and landfill items in the right bins at the market. Your local Green groups will be there to help you make this a habit. Do it at home, too.

Learn more at your local Go Plastic Free meetings. Contact

Jen Packheiser & Phyllis Rubin
Co-leaders of Go Plastic Free

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