One of the challenges of growing older is that my eyes have aged with the rest of me, which somewhat diminishes my joy of reading. As a youngster, my family and I lived in the rear of our store, so I couldn’t have playmates visit. Books filled that void and became a big part of my life. Sometimes I imagined being the heroine and other times I played the villain. My reading was more than a pastime.

Books were my passion.

As years passed and my focus centered on history and politics, I primarily read non-fiction books. The classic literature and fun or mystery novels were for travel and before-bedtime entertainment. I rarely recommend books because we all have our individual areas of interest, and my enthusiasm for some particular work may not be of interest to anyone else.

However, I am compelled to rave about a newly published book, Our Town Oak Park – Walk with Me, in Search of True Community,by our very own Ken Trainor. This book will certainly lift your spirits and fill you with pride for the community. With his usual stellar writing skill, Ken shares stories and insights about Oak Park’s perfections and imperfections. He takes an honest view that is both heartwarming and thought-provoking.

Many of Ken’s previously published columns, are included. There’s an “our town” feel to the book as Ken explores the meaning and true sense of community that exists here.

Harriet Hausman
River Forest

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