The Prisms of Winter Concert at OPRF High School in early December. | PROVIDED

I would like to take a moment to reflect on the highlight of the holiday season for me and what should be an immense source of pride for our taxpaying community. The 2022 Prisms of Winter Concert performed by the OPRF High School Music Department in early December was truly the best ticket in town.

I remember last year, when my daughter was a freshman taking chorus at OPRF, how incredibly blown away I was by each piece in the program. When the final number was performed by all choral, band, and orchestra members, along with all musical extracurricular group members, and conducted by multiple faculty members, all five senses took in the incredibly moving, energy vibrating, and impressive performance.

This year, I did know what to expect as we came to that final piece. I knew I would hear hundreds of OPRF students from varying backgrounds, races, incomes, academic strengths, and musical talents come together as musicians and singers to create memorable music. I sat eagerly anticipating this year’s finale.

Yikes, I was caught off guard! Yet again — and possibly even more strongly — the full ensemble completely blew me away and my expectations were far, far exceeded.

As my now-sophomore and I reflected on the night while driving home, we talked about musical performance being not just about the music that is played or sung; it’s how it’s played or sung.

As musical leaders for the school, the OPRF Music Department faculty demonstrated their technical expertise and their ability to inspire the best out of each and every student. The level of emotional depth in the final piece, especially, reflected not only the students’ talents but also the way in which our OPRF teachers engage them fully in artistically feeling and sharing those talents.

I am immensely grateful for this department at our incredible high school as it positively impacts not only our students but the whole community — not to mention being an inspirational investment of our tax dollars.

Alison Welch
Oak Park
OPRF High School parent

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