Mary, a single parent and first-time mom, wanted to find THE place for her 3-year-old son, Luke. Luke often struggled with transitions and had some delays in meeting his developmental milestones.   Luke’s previous child care situation often left Mary feeling defeated as a parent, isolated, and without feeling supported. Mary searched for a quality early childhood education program that could meet their needs. A co-worker suggested she call The Day Nursery. 

The Day Nursery Parent Coordinator looked for ways to support both Luke and Mary throughout the entire enrollment process. Luke and Mary made several visits and met with the teaching team. Before starting, the teachers worked with Mary to develop strategies and routines that were similar to the techniques she used at home to create consistency for Luke. 

During Luke’s first day of attendance, Mary received a message from Luke’s teacher. She opened it and discovered a photo of Luke cleaning up blocks with peers, and smiling and the caption “Great first day! We are so glad you are here!” At that moment, Mary knew this was THE place! 

Ask Mary about The Day Nursery, and she will tell you, “I have no words for how amazing The Day Nursery is. What a strong and loving school family we have now. Every day they make a difference in our lives.”

The Day Nursery
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