Cameron Gearen, Live in Oak Park Housing Provider

My grandfather was president of the village in the late 60s, so we have ties to the Housing Center as a family. I am personally interested in an Oak Park that is not one type of renter. I have a racially blended family, and I don’t want a monolithic Oak Park. The Housing Center has helped me support diversity in my buildings. 

I have a lot of pride in maintaining my buildings the way I do. By upholding my agreement and providing quality and safe housing, I feel like I’m able to help create a community. Everybody has a story and I like to play a little part in those stories to offer my renters a place where they can feel comfortable and where it will feel like home.

There is a big learning curve mastering the business of housing, and being a housing provider can be really hard. Mike at the Housing Center has been great about advising me on how to best maintain my buildings, and providing me with crucial information. I’ve learned so much from him.

Oak Park Regional Housing Center
(708) 848-7150

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