Butterflies are magical. They symbolize transformation and rebirth, giving us hope. They help us believe that change and growth are possible in our own lives, and this can be incredibly inspiring, especially to children residing at Hephzibah Home where we regularly use nature as a therapeutic tool for healing.

When a local nature enthusiast asked the kids to help care for her swallowtail caterpillars, they jumped at the chance. Much like the children when they first arrive at Hephzibah Home, the creatures are vulnerable and fragile, needing nurturing care, so they can grow and transform. One young boy, Oliver, took to the project, tenderly watching over the caterpillars, ensuring they were safe, protected and healthy. That is exactly what we tell children when they come to Hephzibah Home – that we’ve got this, they are safe and that healing is possible.

Oliver watched them transform into chrysalises, and eventually butterflies that were set free. He learned that all beings possess the power to change, and came to believe that he too, could survive the trauma he had been through. He also learned to have hope. That is what we do best – provide a space for children to heal and recover and be safe from harm. Here at Hephzibah, we offer child-centered therapies, meeting every child where they are on their healing journey and helping them to progress – to trust and believe that one day they too can fly away stronger than before.

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