Mikah is a young mom who personifies New Moms’ core value of “grit.” She had experienced homelessness, a high-risk pregnancy, and the death of her father, but was determined to make a better life for herself and her daughter. She signed up for New Moms and was partnered with a doula and family support specialists who supported her throughout her pregnancy. At seven months pregnant, Mikah signed up for the winter semester of college. Two months later, Mikah gave birth to her daughter, Sophia, and only three days after that, started school.

This summer, Mikah joined New Moms’ Academic Coaching program, which has supported her as a student parent and taught her “employee rights, ways to study, and financial literacy.” The program has helped her balance work and school, saying without them she would have dropped out to work. Mikah commented, “Having people like New Moms back me up and validate everything is a major thing for me.”

Her goal is to become a therapist, and she is determined to make this dream a reality, not just for her own future, but for her daughter Sophia’s as well. Mikah is excited about “giving my daughter a home and doing something that I’m passionate about and giving back to the community.”

Mikah’s story is a great example of what young families can accomplish when they have reliable support. Join New Moms in this essential work and support young moms as they build the foundations of well-being for their families and communities!

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