Every day the students at Maywood Fine Arts find their magic! Children enter a safe space that allows them to discover their confidence, creativity, and happiness. Whether taking classes in dance, tumbling, visual arts, music, drama, or karate, Maywood Fine Arts’ students are able to find their passion. This is indeed, magical! 

As Mia was getting fitted for her first ballet shoes, she looked up and said “I can’t believe it’s really happening. I can’t believe I get to take a real ballet class!”

Isabella, one of four children being raised by their grandmother, shared a picture she created in art class. When asked “what favorite place would you like to fly over like a bird,” Bella drew a picture of herself flying over MFA, her favorite place!

After COVID, Daniel was anxious about returning to his karate classroom, so he stood outside and watched for months. With consistent encouragement from his teacher, he felt the magic that is MFA and was able to open the door and step inside. His mother shared, “This has made him confident, proud of his skills, and able to see the places he might go!”

What happens at MFA is far different than waving a wand – it takes hard work and commitment.  For over twenty-five years, Maywood Fine Arts has provided opportunities to children who are too often overlooked and under-resourced.  Making these children’s dreams come true is what they’re all about. 

See them in action and you too will feel the magic!

Maywood Fine Arts
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