The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association has a reputation for helping people who become part of their network. Pianist Natasha Stojanovska was one of the Association’s presenters for its music program as part of its Monday Enrichment Series and Henry Fogel Presents. Natasha is from Macedonia and was working hard to receive her green card, citizenship and doctorate.

Nineteenth Century was cooperative in providing Natasha employment and important data as she renewed her green card and acquired her citizenship. The association president and music program chair, Diane Moses, encouraged Natasha through her doctorate at Northwestern and attended her graduation in June. “I am so grateful,” Natasha said, “for the organization’s support through this journey.”

On May 8, 2023, Dr. Natasha Stojanovska will again perform for the Nineteenth Century Charitable Association, in their program Stars at Any Age, where she will partner with young pianists Freya Pang, Claire Rong, and Christian Gerald Esteban for a concert. Monday afternoon and evening programs are open to the public. Find out more about upcoming events at

The Nineteenth Century Charitable Association

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