Like Anita, some women who experience homelessness have been in abusive relationships. After years of living in an unsafe and unstable environment, she was evicted. She had nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. All she had were a few personal possessions and her car.

For three years, Anita lived in 50 square feet of space in her car through brutal winters and scorching summers. She says, “Homelessness stopped me from doing anything…from living. I felt like I was ready to give up.”

But Anita didn’t give up. Through the City of Chicago’s Expedited Housing Initiative, Anita was connected with Deborah’s Place. Once she was matched with a case manager, she was able to find an apartment and get everything she needed to make it feel like home. Finally, she had a safe, stable place to sleep at night.

Today, Anita enjoys everyday activities, like cooking and drawing, and is considering going back to school. “Now that I have a place to live, I can do more for myself. Better than I was when I was on the street.”

Deborah’s Place provides women like Anita the key to opening the door to their future, and we can’t do that without your help! Your generous support allows us to provide critical resources to hundreds of women every year, giving them the opportunity to move on from the experience of homelessness.

Deborah’s Place

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