Imagine you are in Paris or London on a chilly Autumn day where leaves of burnt orange, bright yellow and green are swirling and dancing through the crisp clear air. There’s a rosy warm glow in your cheeks with the newness of fall and a day of bustling vigor!

As the holidays approach you are filled with a magic of readiness and potential in this place so far away and yet so familiar…You walk through the park and around the corner and right there before you nestled on the street of Marion, framed in rich dark oak, you see flickering shimmers of amber and gold through the tall, wide windowed facade of The Little Gem Cafe.

This Stylish Little Restaurant is Intimate, Elegant, Romantic and Warm with a Friendly Welcoming Feel.

A Relaxed Fine Dining Experience. Casual or Smart – All Feel At Ease. Regional Cuisine with Seasonal Specials for Lunch, Brunch and Dinner.

It’s The Little Gem ~ Reservations Recommended – Walkins are always Welcome. We look forward to serving you!

Lots of people have asked how we came up with the name The Little Gem ….everyone thinks its because of the lighting that saturates the gold ornate ceiling and bounces off the mirrors, the bar and candlelit tables or maybe because of the overall cuteness of the space? the exposed brick, mahogany bar, solid wood tables and cherry wood chairs. However …. As we Celebrate our 8th Anniversary we think it’s time to spill the beans …. it’s YOU! You are The Little Gem.

Introducing ENCORE!
Now we bring you another great restaurant with live jazz and country blues, a new music venue for dinner and drinks right next door.

ENCORE! by Little Gem. Cosy, cheerful and warm where the music comes from the heart and the hearth right in front of an antique oak fireplace.

Here are two beautiful bars to choose from with Speciality Bourbon Collections that also feature Fine Wines, Craft Beers and Cocktails.

Encore hosts Chicago Jazz + Blues for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Catering and Private Parties are Available.

The Little Gem Cafe
189 N. Marion, Oak Park

Happy Hour Food and Drink Specials at the Bar Tues-Thurs 3:30pm-6:30pm 187 N. Marion St. Oak Park. Visit
189 St. Oak Park | 708. 613. 5491 | Outdoor Dining weather permitting.

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