We the undersigned neighbors of the 1150 block of South Lombard are writing to express our frustration with the nuisance activities and/or lack of village oversight into the tenants, business applications, and operations that have been allowed to take place for the last two years at the former Associated Tire & Battery property, 6200 through 6216 Roosevelt Road.

This property has several tenants that each in their turn have contributed to excessive revving of engines at all hours, blocking the alley parallel to Roosevelt between Lombard and Harvey for hours at a time, failing to maintain the property by leaving broken-down cars, car parts, and other trash around the property, blocking access to the north/south alley and preventing residents on Lombard and Harvey from accessing their garages through the alley, and driving at dangerous speeds through the neighborhood streets and alleys to access the building.

One tenant in particular, BM Customs LLC, has been a major contributor to these problems and has recently been recommended for a special-use permit by the Zoning Board of Appeals in direct opposition to neighbors’ expressed concerns during a public meeting. We strongly oppose the approval of a special-use license for this business and believe that the Zoning Board of Appeals failed to consider the village’s zoning ordinance or the existing violations at this property.

This matter will be brought before the village board in late October for final approval, and we strongly urge village trustees to vote No on approving BM Customs LLC for a special-use permit. The owner of the former Associated Tire & Battery property and its tenants should be held accountable before any business is allowed to operate.

Leon and Katie Sniegowski, Michael and Sarah Smith, Linda and Ken Cheatham, Lori Bradford, Janet Meo, Tracy Zurawski, Rob Presbrey, Juliet Grundhofer Year, Eileen and Tom Wehrheim, Angela Walker and William Kunz, Chris and Anne Hiter, Sue Kehias and Jason Koerner, Natalie D., Sherre Ludvik Taylor, Victoria Taylor Wirtz, Joana Kubiak, Phyllis Hager, Katie Jones
Oak Park

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