Voting in the General Election is now officially open in Illinois. Your ballot includes candidates for Illinois State Supreme Court and Illinois Appellate Court. It also includes a list of Cook County Circuit Court judges running for retention. To be retained, a sitting judge must receive “Yes” votes of 60% of the votes cast. Any judge receiving less than 60% is removed from the bench.

Vote for Judges has made the process of evaluating judges easier on their website. They have based their information on the Alliance of Bar Associations table, which has recently been updated for the Nov. 8 election. The Vote for Judges website has clickable links for evaluations of Illinois Supreme Court judge candidates, Illinois Appellate Court candidates, and Cook County Circuit Court retention seekers.

All candidates for the Illinois Supreme Court and Illinois Appellate Court receive overall high ratings.

Several candidates for Cook County Circuit Court retention are rated “Not Qualified”. They are:

Daniel James Pierce
Ann Finley Collins
Rossana Patricia Fernandez

The rest are rated “Qualified” or higher.

Here’s the link to the Vote for Judges site:

Ed McDevitt
River Forest

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