Dogs and people have lived together for tens of thousands of years and laws have been enacted to protect people and pets from dangerous dogs. Oak Park has ordinances governing what constitutes a dangerous dog, along with procedures that are to be implemented when an animal or person is attacked (Oak Park Village Ordinance 5-1-1, 5-5-5). Yet the village refuses to follow their own laws. Instead they issue tickets similar to a parking ticket, where the owner pays a fine, which allows dangerous animals to continue to menace the community.

When asked why the village does not follow its own ordinances, Village President Vicki Scaman stated, “Under the Village Manager form of Government the Village President is vision and policy and the Village Manager is implementation.” Village Manager Kevin Jackson, who is tasked with carrying out the steps outlined in the ordinance, won’t respond. So all I can get is either political doublespeak or refusal to speak at all.

If anyone can answer my question regarding Oak Park’s refusal to follow its own ordinances, I would really like to know.

Susan Sciara
Oak Park

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