District 90’s tradition of excellence, equity, and high-quality instruction serves as a beacon of encouragement for new and returning students. However, the measure of success in any school system must encompass broader goals and wider engagement by the entire school community. Below are three measures that ground District 90’s reputation for equity, excellence, and high-quality instruction.

Social Emotional Wellness
District 90 has long recognized that social-emotional wellness and trauma-informed practices remain a prerequisite for academic success and are essential for forming and maintaining supportive relationships. Our practices extend beyond the classroom to include strengthening the social-emotional understanding of staff and families.

Curriculum and Instruction
District 90’s tradition of high-quality instruction continued throughout the summer as teachers refined instructional practices in preparation for students’ return. With the leadership of our instructional staff, we select curricula that represent evidence-based, pedagogically sound approaches to classroom instruction. These materials are then implemented by our dedicated teaching staff so that all students can fully engage with the content.

Equity and Excellence
About 8 years ago, we began the quest to address the issue of equity within our schools. The Board of Education has demonstrated a robust commitment to this priority. These two elements – excellence and equity – do not represent the choice between either/or. Instead, they represent an inclusive philosophy of both/and. District 90 continues to reflect on our progress as we work so that all students feel a strong sense of belonging in our classrooms.

At its very core, District 90 is a teaching and learning organization. We will continue to leverage our traditions and practices to deliver equity, excellence, and high-quality instruction to the entire D90 community. Welcome back to school!

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