While transferring to all renewable energy sources, we may suffer from increasingly excessive heat caused by too much carbon in the air. Trees remove carbon from the air. America and the world used to have many, many more trees. Planting trees is very easy. Forests were made by trees planting themselves. One spring, I picked up a bunch of different tree seeds and planted them in a garden. The next spring 6 out of 9 trees were growing with exceptionally strong root systems.

We have millions of seeds on the ground each spring in Oak Park. These seeds could be collected by individuals and made available to communities that want more trees, or groups that want to slow global warming.

Africa, especially Ethiopia, has been contributing to the Trillion Tree Campaign. As of May 2021, 14 billion trees have been planted. This is 1.4% of the goal. Where in the USA is any government or private group planting trees to slow global warming?

Producing enough electricity in the future is a big challenge. According to phy.org, worldwide use of nuclear fuel would run out in 80 years and create many problems. Illinois electricity comes from (approximates): nuclear 58%, coal 18%, natural gas 14%, wind 10%, Solar 0.1%.

Replacing coal with natural gas greatly lowers carbon emissions.

Robert Sullivan
Oak Park

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