I’m an Oak Park High School student and I am voting for Danny Davis. People are often surprised when I tell them that I’m a Danny Davis supporter. They assume that, being a young person, I would automatically vote for and identify with the younger candidate. In reality, I support Danny Davis because he is the best candidate.

It’s not just that he has voted progressively nearly all of the 15,331 times he cast a vote in Washington; it’s not just that Danny Davis is one of the most respected members of Congress and leverages his hard-earned seniority for our district; it’s that Danny Davis gets results.

He has been getting results since his first term in 1997 up until two weeks ago when he watched President Joe Biden sign into law a bill Congressman Davis introduced restoring education benefits to veterans.

Both candidates in this upcoming primary claim to be leading advocates for Medicare for all, gun violence prevention, and criminal justice reform. But which one actually takes action?

Challenger Kina Collins may say she is an advocate for all of those things, but what has she actually done? Danny Davis is more than just talk; he walks the walk and gets things done.

The Second Chance Act he introduced has given upward of $700 million to programs helping previous offenders re-enter society since 2009. The Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit he fought for at the height of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic gave the most vulnerable thousands of dollars they desperately needed.

When the people of the 7th District need something done Congressman Davis is there for them. Not only is he experienced, he is effective. Danny Davis is the people’s congressman.

Jacob Drews
OPRF High School student

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