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I do not recall a referendum about covering the pool at Ridgeland Common. I asked around, and other longtime Oak Parkers said there was no such a referendum. You may want to fact check that assertion.

Possibly, Alan is recalling some sort of community survey by the Park District of Oak Park; that would have been likely I suppose.

I think there was an advisory referendum 10-ish years ago about using District 200 to fund a community pool; it was voted down.

Alan’s piece isn’t unreasonable, but I think his memory is possibly off.  

Correcting his piece would be useful to the community as it would clarify the truth on that significant point.

[Later] Here’s the piece:

OPRF pool and fitness center referendum drowns
By Terry Dean
April 9, 2013

Also on the ballot Tuesday night was an advisory referendum on whether Oak Park and River Forest High School should use some of its reserves to build a pool/fitness center for the entire community. Advisory referenda are non-binding and the high school is not required under law to follow it. The measure was defeated, 52 to 48 percent.

The ballot question asked voters if the District 200 board should spend a portion of its cash and investments — which exceeds upwards of $100 million — to fund a year-round public facility.

Jack Powers, Oak Park

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