On May 9, District 200 will hold a community Open House for Project 1 of the Imagine Plan, including a promotional tour of its proposed Project 2 spaces — with no mention of Projects 3, 4 & 5.

Project 1 features a much-needed modernization of dozens of academic spaces at OPRF High School, such as the renovation of 65 classrooms, including special-education spaces, 15 new classrooms, and a Student Resource Center.

What about Imagine Projects 3, 4 & 5? The board has held no discussion of these projects which include modernizing dozens of science labs, classrooms, performing arts spaces and the Field House, one of the most used spaces in the school. Unless the board acts now and reworks the remaining Imagine Plan, Projects 2 – 5, prioritizing needs over wants, it may be decades before its essential elements are renovated.

Consider emailing the Board (boe@oprfhs.org) and encouraging it to conduct the needed pragmatic revision of the Imagine Plan.

Monica Sheehan
Oak Park

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