Just wanted to thank your publication for the honest and courageous reporting and editorial opinions concerning the serious institutional problems at Fenwick.

Despite all the years of stories we have witnessed about the corruption in the church as the Boston Globe reported (the film Spotlight), Fenwick has remain untouched.

Finally, thanks to the courage of Helen Quinn-Pasin and others, we are seeing the truth come out about decades of violation and abuse.

Predictably, Fenwick may sacrifice one individual in an effort to save their reputation and funding streams. What I am most concerned about is the restorative justice practices and policy changes that must be implemented to prevent any more harm being done to young people by that school.

Yes, it’s not in their DNA. So it will take continual truth-telling by survivors and reporting like the Globe did to maybe see some justice.

Some of my story is here: https://www.oakpark.com/2019/01/08/victims-of-former-fenwick-priest-tell-their-stories

And here: https://www.ajc.com/lifestyles/religion/pennsylvania-report-catholic-abuse-cases-draws-reactions-atlanta/JZMC2e2i0vIK7hulF1x3FP/?outputType=amp

Paul McLennan
Decatur, Georgia

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