At Mathnasium of Oak Park/River Forest, you can feel the buzz of activity and excitement as soon as you walk in the door. Students, preschool through high school, are actively engaged in learning and understanding mathematics. Operating on the philosophy that every child can become great at math, Mathnasium has become the industry leader in supplementary math education.

As owner, Jana Frank explains, “We Make Math Make Sense. Kids don’t hate math, they hate being frustrated and intimidated by it. Our job is to help our students develop number sense so they aren’t just able to do it, but actually understand what they are doing.”

The staff at Mathnasium offers personalized instruction that incorporates a combination of learning styles including written, mental, verbal, visual, and tactile. “We will always adjust our teaching methods,” says Frank, “to find the one that works for each child.”

Parents and students sing the praises of Mathnasium. A Hatch Elementary student says, “At Mathnasium, I’ve learned that I actually LIKE math!” A Julian Middle Schooler says, “I’ve learned how to understand why the solution to a problem works instead of just memorizing how to solve it.” From a parent’s perspective, “The attention paid to my children’s needs is amazing. It has changed the way they feel about school and increased their confidence levels.”

Mathnasium is now enrolling for summer! They offer short term, flexible summer only memberships to help your kids catch up, keep up, and get ahead while working around summer vacations and camps.

Summer is a productive time to hone math skills to start the school year strong. Schedule a FREE TRIAL SESSION for your child to see if Mathnasium is the right fit. Call or text SUMMER to (708) 613-4007 today, as all summer memberships are currently 10% off through the end of April!

Mathnasium OPRF is located at 1101 Chicago Ave, Oak Park. Visit or call (708) 613-4007.

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