2020 has been called the “Year of the Unthinkable.” In 2021, we faced mental and emotional health epidemics and a continuing coronavirus pandemic. Extreme weather and fires devastated our country, and politically the U.S. became very divided.

I am brain researcher as a lay person. I have learned how my brain works and can draw it in accurate detail. I made these discoveries after my brain was emptied by a 3-week coma following an auto accident. My doctor saved my life, but with no therapy available I was forced to heal myself. And I did!

2022 should become the “Year of the Thinker,” so we can heal our country. Oak Park and American teachers must bring the brain (the seat of learning) to the conscious level for their students. They must give their students a better understanding of their brains — what it is, how it works, and how to protect it — so that their students and learn to think and act objectively.

It is through research and therapy for brain-injured patients that breakthroughs in neuroscience occur.

Chicago Tribune
Dec. 17-19, 2003
I grew up and went to grade school and high school in Oak Park. I lived there until I went to college.

Julie Ekblad , Brainbow Learning Center
Austin, Texas

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