Hate mongers are everywhere. Oak Park and River Forest are not immune to the kind of pathetic and obnoxious behavior going on elsewhere in the country. Some of you wonder why, all of a sudden, this kind of people has surfaced. My own feeling is that they have always been with us. They just have the courage, now, to be more overt, granted permission by the outrageous behavior of some of the members of our recently past and unfortunately present government in Washington.

I was always taught that it is OK to disagree with other people, even your parents, your teachers, and your religious leaders. But the trick is to attack ideas, not people. Disagree if you will, but do so in an adult manner. My father said that eloquent people don’t need to resort to vulgar language in order to make a point.

I received an anonymous hate missive in the mail recently. It purported to be from a group called “Women Soc. Of R.F.” The handwriting appears to be that of a child. The language is juvenile, but I imagine it was written by an adult. In vulgar terms, the writer tells me to move back to Oak Park and shop there. The writer threatens me if I do anymore “lying to get attention.” The writer and his/her/their friends shop at the Jewel all the time and like it just fine. Oh, but the writer did wish me a “Merry Christmas (witch!)”

Another thing I was taught at a fairly young age is that if “they” are taking pot shots at you, then you are probably doing something right. So I take this missive as a high compliment. Clearly the writer follows my exploits closely because he/she/they know that I used to live in Oak Park. I’m flattered.

But given that the individual took the trouble to find my address, just to be safe, I have sent a copy of the letter to the River Forest Chief of Police. People who write these sorts of things are, inevitably, cowards, hiding behind their anonymity, but you never know.

Louise Mezzatesta, River Forest

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