Peter has been a part of UCP Seguin since graduating from Oak Park and River Forest High School in 1999. His parents, Dawn and Brian, sought services for Peter that matched with his desire to engage in the community in a variety of productive, meaningful activities and experiences – UCP Seguin was a match.

Peter attends the Levinson Center, in the Oak Park Arts District, part of UCP Seguin’s CHOICE Program. CHOICE is offers just that, choices for people with disabilities. Participants choose which activities they would like to participate in each day. By fostering such self-determination, the program enhances Peter’s sense of self-esteem and independence. Peter has made MANY friends and always has an infectious smile to share with everyone he meets. Having the opportunity to give back to his community has been a source of great pride and accomplishment for Peter and his family. Since joining CHOICE, Peter has flourished.

With support from UCP Sequin, Peter lives semi-independently in Oak Park, along with a housemate and their caregiver. Knowing that he is safe and secure in his community provides an enormous amount of peace of mind to his parents.

Peter now lives, works, and plays in his home community. He is safe and happy. He is always out in the community, where he enjoys the benefits of local businesses, the library, nearby restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters…and much more. He has the chance to volunteer and be a valuable member of the community, side-by-side with individuals without disabilities. With UCP Seguin, Peter lives a life without limits.

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