Dr. Dino Rumoro | Provided.

Rush University System for Health is reportedly looking into possible financial misappropriation by a former executive of Rush Oak Park Hospital, according to Crain Communication’s Modern Healthcare.

Modern Healthcare reported Nov. 29 story that Dr. Dino Rumoro uncovered the potential financial misappropriation after taking over as CEO of Rush Oak Park Hospital in July. Rumoro came aboard following the retirement of Bruce Elegant who had led the hospital for nearly 25 years. The piece does not link Elegant to the allegations.

“With the arrival of new leadership at Oak Park, a potential misappropriation of funds was identified,” Rush spokesperson Tobin Klinger said to Modern Healthcare. “We immediately launched an internal investigation that is ongoing at this time.”

Per Modern Healthcare, the academic hospital system is looking into the issue with help from external forensic auditors and counsel. Rush Oak Park disclosed the information in its financial statement for the quarter ended Sept. 30.    

Rush reportedly said the amount of money involved is not expected to be material to the overall financial condition of the health system, according to Modern Healthcare.

While Klinger confirmed Rumoro discovered the potential financial misappropriation to Modern Healthcare, he did not identify the implicated former executive.

Wednesday Journal has reached out to Rush University System for Health.

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