At the tail end of celebrating its centennial year in 2021, the Oak Park Art League (OPAL) has re-established its figure drawing, painting and sculpting sessions on Sunday mornings from 10am-1pm and Tuesday evenings, 6:30-9:30pm. 

Figure drawing is the building block of artistic expression for many artists. OPAL has recently reopened these sessions to anyone looking for an opportunity to establish or develop their own artistic practice in a comfortable local setting with a live model. These sessions are self guided and offer beginners to advanced artists the opportunity to practice fundamental skills and expand their techniques.

Mike Vest has been a part of this OPAL tradition for almost 10 years and says it is an important part of his artistic and social life. “There is a place for every level of artist here. Beginners to advanced students work side by side with no pressure from each other or imposed sense of competition. The artists that attend are outgoing, friendly and supportive of each other’s practice and skill level.” 

And students can become the facilitators, as in the case with Phyllis Frick. As a student she says she was able to establish the confidence and skills she wanted to achieve in her own work. “It was scary at first, to draw with a group of strangers and artists that had more skills than I did. But everyone was so nice and there was no pressure or judgment. I have been able to use my figure drawing skills and apply them to the Mixed Media class I attend, and visa versa”, says Phyllis. 

For more information about figure drawing, membership, volunteering or to make a donation to the Oak Park Art League please contact Executive Director, Jill Kramer Goldstein at 708-386-9853 or

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