In response to COVID-19, the Animal Care League formed its Pets & People Support Program to ensure that pets and people can stay together despite financial and physical hardships. The Program provides a range of support and safety net services including pet food and supplies and assistance with vaccinations and other veterinary care.

The Pets & People Support Program has been a great help to local seniors like Vaughn from Bellwood, who is a proud cat dad of three. Vaughn loves to play chess and boasts about how instead of knocking the pieces off of the board (as most cats would do) his cats sit and watch as if they are learning the game. Vaughn’s cats found him. Two kittens appeared in his yard and he took them in and cared for them. About a year later, a cat who he believed may have been the mother of his two cats also showed up in his yard. Vaughn of course took her in as well. That was eight years ago, and today all three cats are happy and healthy and valued as a part of the family. The Pets & People Support Program is happy to be able to support bonds like these.

To date, the Pets & People Support program has supplied over 400 pet food and supply packages containing 6,000 lbs. of pet food to seniors or those with financial hardship. The program has also helped over 20 families with veterinary care, training resources and/or assistance with monthly pet fees. ACL will continue to grow this important program in order to ensure that pets and people can stay together.

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