Saint Angela school has brought sports back to their scholars!  Due to Covid restrictions, most social activities were put on pause in school and community environments.  Social development in children and young teens is a crucial building block, and sports allow for scholars to become active citizens in their community.  Saint Angela is proud to have initiated sports once again to assist in this development. 

Saint Angela athletes started playing in the fall with a soccer program, coached by an alumni and current board member. Currently, their scholars are enjoying basketball and cheerleading.  These sports teach their scholars the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. Reinstating sports has also allowed for parents to become more involved within the school. From cheering in the stands, to helping with carpooling, or assisting with coaching, they show scholars the importance of the community within their school. These interactions are crucial to the social development of the scholars at Saint Angela, and have inspired school pride and community among them.   

Just check out these happy scholars!  They are excited to be part of a team, interact with others and serve as an integral part of life at Saint Angela. Go Wildcats! 

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