“My advocate was an angel delivered to me in my most dire, darkest hours. I have experienced abuse for many years and haven’t felt alive until now. Thank you!”

Isabel, a mother of 2 children, was referred to Sarah’s Inn by her local police department. When a Sarah’s Inn Advocate first met the family, they were in crisis. Isabel’s partner had been physically abusing her for several months and had begun abusing her son. This Sarah’s Inn’s Advocate called local shelters and was able to get Isabel and her children to a safe place. 

As Isabel started to get settled into a safe environment, Sarah’s Inn supported her with individual and group counseling, and helped Isabel find more permanent, safe housing. With financial assistance for rent and other basic needs through Sarah’s Inn, Isabel and her children now live in their own apartment.  Sarah’s Inn also provided a Thanksgiving meal basket, holiday gifts for Isabel’s children, and other support needed throughout their journey of starting a life that’s free of abuse. Even during these unprecedented times, Isabel was determined to continue living a productive, safe and healthy life with her children. 

Isabel and her children are now stable and thriving. She has a full-time job at a school district, and is enrolled in further education. Isabel and her children are excelling in school and life. 

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